Collecting Vintage Slot Machines

More and more, we’re becoming a culture of collectors. Whether it’s books, comics or records – the chances are that someone is collecting all manner of them. Vintage slot machines are becoming the hottest new thing to collect, which is leading to a bigger market for them than ever before – so much so that we opened our for sale section to help people trade their slot machines.

Where do you find these Slot Machines?

The successful collector is one that looks in many places, as these machines can really turn up anywhere. Auctions, car boot sales, charity shops and online are the primary places to find these. Sites like eBay and Gumtree can also be useful if you want to become a collector, though be sure to protect yourself if you choose to buy online.

There are thousands of these machines still in existence and owning one is akin to owning a quirky piece of history.

What to Look for in a Slot Machine?

To the new collector, all slot machines may look alike but you can tell a lot about them from small details. Things like the number of reels, symbols and method of payment will help you determine where and when they are from. That gives you a bit of a hint and can also help you to avoid counterfeits and replicas.

The word vintage itself can really mean any age, from slot machines that are a century old to just a decade. The price of these will vary with their rarity and condition, something that collectors should take into account. If you want a function version then be prepared and take a generator if you’re going to be outside, this will allow you to test it for yourself.

Not all slot machines were built to work with modern electricals so some engineering work may be required. Then you can plug it in and get ready to wow your friends and family.