Buying Vintage Slots Machines

Vintage items are massively in style at the moment, with upcycling and refurbishment making them key pieces of the home. Many are now turning to slot machines as the latest bit of Americana to decorate their living space.

Why do People Buy Them?

Buying vintage slot machines might seem a bit wacky but there’s a story behind every one of these machines. From the one armed bandit to the fruit machine, these items have a space in many people’s hearts. Even having one around for a party is a big draw for many aspiring buyers, especially since the house always wins.

With the rise of sites like eBay, it’s never been easier to buy one of these machines for yourself. Many sell at auction for thousands of pounds, but there are definitely bargains to be found here and there. If it’s purely for decorative purposes then you can pick one up that doesn’t work incredibly cheaply, you could even have a go at repairing them for yourself.

If you’re curious about what a specific slot machine plays like, it can be useful to check out modern day slots sites as often the oldies are re-mastered digitally – an excellent opportunity to try before you buy, but of course, without the charm and probably with lots of new features that your old machine won’t offer.

Tips for Buying Vintage Slot Machines

When buying these machines, you should always take the cost of shipping into account as they aren’t light by any means. Where possible, you could go and pick one up to save yourself that cost. The American market for these machines is the largest, so if you’re in the UK then you might need to look for a specialist dealer.

Offline, you can also look for these machines in charity and antique shops. Smaller versions were popular in the 1980s, which would adorn the end of a bar. These are perfect for the home collector, as they are a lot cheaper than their larger counterparts and not as much hassle to transport.

Some vintage slot machines take tokens rather than cash, so you might need to buy these separately if you want to play them. Lots of fun can be had with these machines, all you need to do is pick one and try your luck.